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Leap Day

After I hit the “Publish” button I realized that this is the first leap day since I started blogging. Amazing that it’s been almost 4 years (since June 2004) and this is the first February 29th.

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Doing Good

In an effort to get back into the writing habit after a very tumultuous few days – here’s something rather light. I stumbled onto this video and it took me back to my time in Missouri where I first started … Continue reading

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Connecting Clinton with Romney

I’m sure that title sounds like a kind of heresy here in Utah, but I can’t help noticing in the last week that the supporters of Hillary Clinton are sounding very much like the supporters of Mitt Romney were sounding … Continue reading

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Another Year-Round Idea

The Spectrum did a good job in Year-round Advantages of listing pluses and minuses to the idea of year-round school. Though the title says this is about the advantages they are good enough to acknowledge the well-known drawbacks. I also … Continue reading

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Buyers of Medical Services

Reach Upward nails it again when he talks about Serving Medical Customers. One of the primary rules of economics is that suppliers do their best to supply what buyers actually demand. Who are the real buyers of medical services? Not … Continue reading

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