Seeking Feedback

As I have been reorganizing my site and evaluating my purposes I have come to realize that one of the goals I have for this endeavor is to get feedback – to bounce my ideas off other people to see what they think and get some perspective on the topics I am thinking about.  For my part, I could do better at writing consistently.

Writing consistently is not just a matter of how frequently I post, but also a matter of posting my real thoughts on things that interest me. Sometimes I have failed by not posting. Other times I have failed by posting hollow and trivial things. I think I have started to do better lately on both counts. I am hopeful that I will continue to do better as a result of this mental spring-cleaning I have been doing.

Outside of myself, the bouncing ideas off of people does not work without responses. I am not looking to become the next Daily Kos with scores of comments on every post or anything like that but I would like to have feedback like I had two years ago when I was blogging in my PhD program. I figure that if I had even five readers who would leave comments or trackbacks on a semi-regular basis then I would probably have some feedback on the majority of my ideas and would be able to glean the insights that come from a conversation. So consider this to be an invitation to comment, even small comments to help my thinking grow outside my own brain. You may also consider it an invitation to share my posts with anyone else who might be interested in what I am talking about.

About David

David is the father of 8 extremely organized children (4 girls / 4 boys) who is constantly seeking answers to tough questions related to parenting, education and politics while moonlighting for 40 hours each week as a technology professional. He also enjoys cooking, gardening, and sports.
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