Reactions to 22 Miles

I got a nice variety of reactions to the fact that I ran 22 miles today. It was the peak of my training for the marathon in July. I’m looking forward to the next seven weeks of fewer miles and more healing for my body. So here are a few of the reactions I got to running this distance:

One jogger who noticed that I was doing more than one lap (3 mile laps) – “Wow, two laps today? You’re good.”

A man whom I often see walking his dog along my jogging route overheard me respond to the above statement by saying that I was doing more than two laps – he asked how many I was doing and laughed when I told him I was doing 7 laps today.

Laura – “How was your run?”

Jared and Kim – “How long did it take you?”

My head – “Well, that bodes well for the actual race.”

My lungs – “That was refreshing, why stop now?”

My knees – “Stop this abuse. You have no business inhabiting a physical body.”

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