Prophetic Me

My mom was visiting this afternoon as Savannah was performing in a dance recital. Before we left for the recital Mom asked how soon before Isaac would start walking. He was holding on to the leg of my pants at the time and I said, “anytime he wants.” Moments later he let go of my pants and I took a  step away from him to show how steady he was without support. After standing for a few seconds he took a step toward some toys that had his attention. He paused briefly before taking three more steps. Then he decided to use his more familiar form of locomotion and he crawled the second half of the distance.

Mom and I were both amazed at the accuracy of my statement.

About David

David is the father of 8 extremely organized children (4 girls / 4 boys) who is constantly seeking answers to tough questions related to parenting, education and politics while moonlighting for 40 hours each week as a technology professional. He also enjoys cooking, gardening, and sports.
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  1. Reach Upward says:

    It is almost impossible to describe the extraordinary feelings a parent gets when their child does some ordinary act that demonstrates a transition to a new phase. It’s one of the rewards of being a parent.

  2. My little daughter is starting to crawl and scoot. Having kids and watching them progress is the most rewarding part of my life.

    Best regards.

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