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Hillary Clinton is one of the most recognizable figures in American politics today. From a campaign standpoint that is generally a good thing. Hillary’s problem is that she is also one of the most divisive figures in American politics. She has worked hard to soften her image in preparation for this run, but whether she is sincere or not is immaterial in the face of the fact that so many people will not trust anything she says. Even if Hillary were becoming honestly less liberal than she used to be she could never gain the trust of a large section of American voters.

I do not mean to suggest that she could not become president, but I am very sure that if she did her presidency would be constantly hampered by attacks from those who oppose her. If she made even a tiny misstep her problems would grow even larger. While there are many candidates who would do little to unite our country (which it needs), there are few, if any, who could cause the division to grow more than Hillary would.

It is no wonder that Hillary does not have a section on her website that outlines her positions. They are irrelevant to her candidacy. Her name is her biggest asset as well as her fatal liability. I could never endorse a candidate who would have no chance of being effective – therefore I cannot endorse Hillary Clinton.

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2 Responses to Hillary Clinton

  1. I don’t see her as being as divisive as you do, but that’s probably because I’m a Democrat. I also don’t think she was ever as liberal as you seem to believe.

    I’m not ready to endorse her yet, but she did start outlining her positions — here’s what she had to say about government reform.

  2. David says:

    A big part of my comments about Hillary come not because of who or what she is so much as because of how she is perceived. I don’t think she is as liberal as she is sometimes portrayed.

    As for her being divisive – I meant that she is a divisive figure, not the she necessarily tries to create division. In fact I think that she would honestly like to be a unifier. I just don’t think that she can be with all her baggage of how she is perceived by the public. Those who don’t like her would never give her the chance.

    Her problem is that people think they know her – whether they are right or wrong, and whether they like her or not – her positions are not likely to sway many people.

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