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Citizen Reactions

I would love to be able to contact Mike Wylie and Amiee Christensen and help them recognize why Lehi is doing things that make them feel “less desirable.” Their reactions to the idea of raising prices on non-residents for Lehi … Continue reading

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Biting the Subsidizing Hand

A local example of the negative effect of subsidies is playing out right now. Lehi citizens have been paying taxes to support services that benefit people in Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. The result is that the people in those … Continue reading

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From two very different sources today I was pointed toward two very similar views regarding our overly materialistic society. Misty Fowler linked to Winning the Rat Race by Quitting it: We are a country obsessed with consumption, which would be … Continue reading

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SEP Subsidies

A story this morning instantly made me think about the discussion that followed when I wrote about Funding Mass Transit back in July. This story is about a driver who chose to use biofuel in his vehicle: Bob Teixeira decided … Continue reading

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Useless 401K

Why is it that the government gets to tell me when I can spend my money? That’s a question I have asked myself many times. The “you can’t touch it until you’re 60” rule is proof of why it is … Continue reading

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