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Get Vouchers Right Next Time

It’s not often that I get to see Utah featured in a nationally syndicated column about a positive policy debate. Usually when Utah makes the national news it’s for things like a mine disaster, raging wildfires, or polygamy. Today John … Continue reading

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Last year I decided to write about my perspective on the major holidays of the year. I got the idea before Halloween but decided to wait rather than start on a negative note. It may be a good thing that … Continue reading

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Put Virtual Politics on the Ground

I have been thinking about the words of Tom Friedman when he wrote about what he calls Generation Q. I am impressed because they are so much more optimistic and idealistic than they should be. I am baffled because they … Continue reading

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HSA Figures

I’ve already admitted that Health Savings Accounts are not the full solution to our health care system, but they are among the most powerful tools that we have today. The example of Whole Foods grocery really illustrates the point. Five … Continue reading

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Congress – Do Something

A month into the fiscal year and Congress has not presented an appropriations bill for the President to sign because they don’t care enough about making things work when there are accusations to be flung, fights to pick (like SCHIP), … Continue reading

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