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Bureaucracy in Action

This is what happens when we expect government bureaucracy to manage something rather than leaving things in the hands of individuals. Loving couple. Loving home. Steady jobs. No criminal history. Kids like them and the birth mother wants it. Despite … Continue reading

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Voucher Related Tidbits

The closer we get to November the more likely we are to see commentary related to vouchers. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of it was as well thought out as Conner Boyack’s Weighing in on the Utah Voucher Program … Continue reading

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Fostering Engagement

I have been contemplating the implications found in Scott Hinrichs’ Civically Disengaged ever since he posted it. I have been concerned about the lack of civic involvement by most people for a long time because I am convinced that it … Continue reading

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Jeffs Guilty Verdict

After having posted my thoughts on the intent of the Warren Jeffs trial I thoughts I would follow up with my thoughts after his conviction. I am quite certain that Jeffs is guilty of any number of crimes related to … Continue reading

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Political Conundrum

I have been evaluating my position with regards to the presidential candidates – specifically those in the Republican party. Right now there is a front runner that I don’t think I could be compelled to vote for in the general … Continue reading

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