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Scout Camp

I will be gone to Scout camp for the next week so there will be no posting here. It will be interesting to see what kinds of thoughts are swimming through my mind after a week away from news, work, … Continue reading

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Teaching and Learning

I have heard it said that you learn more by teaching something than just by learning or doing it. As I was preparing today for a lesson I caught some new insights into why that is. For one thing, the … Continue reading

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Fourth Seat for Utah

The bill to give Utah a fourth seat in the House of Representatives has been hanging around for quite some time. It has not had too much coverage lately because very little has been happening with it. Yesterday I was … Continue reading

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Stable Title

Feeling that “No Working Title” was a disservice to my blog I implemented “Cause of Liberty” for a short period of time. I wasn’t totally satisfied with that and while playing around with words and fielding suggestions, I came to … Continue reading

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Endorsement Lessons

My series of endorsements for 2008 was very enlightening. I learned a lot about my political leanings and what I thought was required of a president. I hope to capture some of what I learned here. One thing that I … Continue reading

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