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The Way Things Work

I spent a great deal of time working on a post that I thought might become a classic on my blog. The day after I posted it I got comments (real comments, not spam) on another post that was not … Continue reading

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New-Tech Day

I think that today marks the first time that three new technology concepts that I could get excited about have land on my desk in one day. Two of the three are quickly spreading around the internet while the third … Continue reading

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David Koch

I discoverd David Koch I immediately went to look at his campaign sight because I was curious about this unknown candidate from my home state. One way that he has set himself apart from other candidates is that he has … Continue reading

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Places I’ve Been

I have been enjoying reading Mark Hanson’s blog and there I stumbled upon this way to show what states I’ve been to. I can’t count the number of times I been in discussions with people about who has traveled where … Continue reading

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Our Constitutional Foundation

My preferred perspective about Memorial Day is that it is not simply a day to remember those who have given “the last full measure of devotion” but also a day to reflect on what it is they were protecting. To … Continue reading

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