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Non-Binding Resolutions

While listening to NPR today I heard a senator talking about many agreements we have made with the Iraqi government where the Iraqi’s failed to do what they promised. He attributed that failure to the fact that “the agreements [had] … Continue reading

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Too Helpful

I have been thinking a lot lately about one of the lessons that I have learned as a parent. Sometimes it is very easy to be too helpful to our children. We may want to tell them more than they … Continue reading

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My 5K Today

I ran in a charity 5K today – An April Run for Olivia – and found that it was very good practice for my marathon. There were 1200 people running so I got to deal with a crowded start – … Continue reading

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Bob Jackson

Well, I decided to tackle a second endorsement today because some endorsements are very easy to go and find a candidate who should not be endorsed. I expected that to be the case again today. After looking into Bob Jackson … Continue reading

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Donald Allen

Donald Allen is an idealist. He talks about the major issues of today (Energy Independence, Social Security, Healthcare, etc.) but his campaign is exactly what I would expect for a person running for city council in a city of 25,000. … Continue reading

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