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Faith of a Child

Kids are amazing. While I was running this morning I was thinking about what my 18 month-old daughter did last Sunday when I was at an early morning meeting. I again realized what an impressive feat it was. When I … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is one of the most recognizable figures in American politics today. From a campaign standpoint that is generally a good thing. Hillary’s problem is that she is also one of the most divisive figures in American politics. She … Continue reading

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The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

I enjoyed reading Scott’s It’s Worse, but It’s Also Better and then I was surprised to hear on NPR a piece on how our society is Going Ghetto. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that our culture … Continue reading

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The Beltway

I heard a story on Talk of the Nation today about the firing of federal prosecutors(Blog of the Nation post). The thing that caught my attention was that they were going to discuss how different the coverage on this story … Continue reading

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Online Genealogy

I stumbled upon a site called Geni today that was supposed to be a tool for online genealogy collaboration. What I found was not exactly what I had expected. It seems to be more heavily focused on the living generations … Continue reading

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