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Steve Kubby is running for president. That’s the only “positive” thing I can say here. Actually, I was wrong, he has the best looking MySpace page I have ever seen – it actually fails to look like psychedelic vision out of a drug-induced dream.

He waves the flag of his home state by giving plenty of time to his position related to medical marajuana. (We are a long way from that being a major issue in national politics.) He advocates an immediate pullout from Iraq and decries illegal immigration.

In short, Kubby is serious about his candidacy, but he is not a serious candidate. If he became the president, the United States would begin to look as quirky and unstable to the outside world as Venezuela has come to look under the presidency of Hugo Chavez. I don’t mean to imply that Kubby is like Chavez, only that he is equally far from the mainstream.

While I think that most voters would like to see a change in our political system, they don’t want this kind of change. Kubby will get up to 5% of the vote in California and not more than 1% in any other state where he can get on the ballot.

I cannot even think of endorsing such a “candidate”.

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7 Responses to Steve Kubby

  1. Jake Porter says:

    How about George Phillies? Could you endorse him?

  2. David says:

    I am researching George Phillies for purposes of endorsement. I will post a link here when that happens. (It should be soon.)

  3. Thomas says:


    I’m not sure where you get the idea that Kubby “decries illegal immigration.” The only way in which he “decries” it is in noting that unenforceably strict immigration laws are bad things, not good things, and in holding that immigration should be more … legal.

    Phillies, on the other hand, tries to have it both ways. He wants immigration “reform,” but he wants those unenforceable laws, um, enforced.

    Tom Knapp
    Communications Director
    Kubby for President

  4. David says:


    Thanks for being open about your position with Kubby.

    The way Kubby came across with me, regarding immigration, was that he complains about the number of people coming in from Mexico, but he offers no solution.

    Phillies clearly states that he wants more open borders, clearer, easier rules for gaining citizenship, and the elimination of any benefits for illegal immigrants.

    Whether you agree with Phillies or not, he has clearly stated his position and the actions he would take while Kubby has not – as far as I have seen.

  5. Kn@ppster says:


    Sorry to take so long to respond — I try to keep up with things, but they get away from me!

    You write:

    “The way Kubby came across with me, regarding immigration, was that he complains about the number of people coming in from Mexico, but he offers no solution.”

    I’m not clear on the meaning of that statement — are you referring to a personal conversation or something? His position paper on immigration is quite detailed as to what he’d like to do, and how he’d do it … and far from complaining about immigrants from Mexico, he paints them as positive assets to America. That paper is at:

    Tom Knapp
    Communications Director
    Kubby for President

  6. David says:

    I have never had a personal conversation with Steve Kubby, nor do I expect to ever have a chance to have one.

    After reading over Kubby’s position paper on immigration I see that what had appeared to be sarcasm “Immigration has been an unmitigated American success story” was his real feeling.

    I was wrong to say that he complains, in fact he would encourage immigration – which is a far cry from our current policy.

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