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I know Nate is serious about Getting off the porch and so am I. I said before that we are not getting our message out to the right audience just because it is on the web and thus universally available. I started talking about presenting at AECT in Orlando only to learn that Nate was ahead of me there with the Overlay and the Strategic Task Force. Since then I have realized that between now and October is at least one lifetime in the blogosphere if not two.

I think that finding some way to keep these good conversations visible in some ongoing way would be useful but I continue to contend that we also need to send the invitations into the established venues of communication. A presentation in October is too long to wait. We should still do that, but before then we should publish something. Here’s a radical idea – why don’t we actually advertise? Get an ad in TechTrends or ETR&D listing the topics of some good academic conversations that we have had in our stadium and invite people to visit us.

This would be print, so the conversations would have a different type of life, but the ad could point people to a website which teaches how to join the blogosphere as a reader, provides links to the conversations in the ad along with all the blogs that have participated in any of those conversations and teaches them how to begin writing a blog when they are ready to contribute in that manner. Perhaps it should provide a link to the aect-members list of blogs so they can get a dynamic list of bloggers to look at. The point is that we have to advertise our party in a way that will get to people, but email is not easy and definitly not persistent. We need it in print!

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3 Responses to Advertising this Party

  1. Nate says:

    I have it on good authority that an article is coming out in the next issue of TechTrends. I’m waiting to see what it is … And we have other venues opening up .. PIDT in May, Summer Leadership in Orlando in July.

    Word of mouth is still the most effective. Find somebody who needs to know that the conversations are already underway and help them tune in. If we all find just one more person, our numbers will double.

  2. […]Okay, I’ve been thinking more about this than I should have (it woke me up at 4:00 in the morning) and I have a great idea for how to keep good blog dialogs visible – we should publish a journal of blogversations which are academic in nature. I’m not s[…]

  3. David says:

    Good point. The human contact is the thing that is the strongest in blogging – once you get into it you find yourself as part of a community. That is the same thing that will get new users involved – personal invitations.

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