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50 million

I really enjoyed seeing this on Slashdot Firefox Breaks 50,000,000 Barrier. It was also fun to go to Blazing a Trail to 50,000,000 and watch as the counter shows that another 44,000 plus downloads have taken place in the six … Continue reading

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Peeling Away

This will only make sense with the background information that I never wanted to buy a minivan. I love my minivan. That statement, and the rest of this post, is less about my minivan and more about me – and … Continue reading

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In a discussion board for my Using Technology to Enhance Learning class I made a proposal (on March 18th this year) based on teachers having a scarcity of time and the fact that teachers are underpaid partially because they are … Continue reading

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Only Fair

I think it’s only fair after posting about Feeling Useless that I give a little update on the calling thing. I have been called (about a month after I posted that) as the assistant executive secretary and I will be … Continue reading

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