Thoughts Raised by Giants

I have a hard time blogging about what Brian Lamb or Stephen Downes spoke about because I’m sure that everything they talked about are available – through them – online. What I will say is that it was very enjoyable meeting them, listening to them and talking to them.

I will pretend that there may be a person who actually reads my blog that does not read Brian already (or to assist my memory) and put a link to his presetation which is available on the web. He gave it from the web, but it is a wiki so it will have changed a little bit by the time anyone can visit it from here.

I also want to thank Brian for posting a list of blogs by bloggers who were at this conference.

I guess I do have a few ideas that I would like to post which came through the combination of the two presentations.

It is a natural event to copy the workings of the previous technology (Stephen discussed this idea). Brian says “Lets move on beyond that replication.” I don’t think we should avoid that, but that we should recognize that in that stage there is more growth to come, but in replicating the previous technology we get to come to understand the new technology and the old technology and what is better about each. This is how we find the relative strengths of each technology and that is how we have a chance to place them in their proper relative balance. By “proper” I mean the balance that best meets our needs or creates the best complement between the technologies. I don’t agree with Stephen that the new technology always obliterates the old technology. New technology displaces old technology unless the new technology essentially outperforms the old technology on a point by point basis.

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  1. Stephen Downes just posted an intro with a link to the powerpoint files for his keynote address at the Instructional Technology Institute. This will tell you what I heard when I thought what I posted in Thoughts Raised by Giants. I can’t wait to go thr[…]

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