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I think that David has captured one of the keys to being a dependable voice in the blogosphere as he talks about childish behavior. One of the things that really tells me that a blogger is fair and civil in … Continue reading

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I have been preparing a talk about balance based on Doctrine and Covenants 10:4. It has been interesting finding material and noticing how general the topic of balance in life is. I have categorized the general areas of balance as: … Continue reading

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I have a Gmail invitation available if anyone is interested.

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I enjoyed reading this editorial but whether it is the right thing to do or not I am sure that it is not realistic to expect president Bush to specifically condemn the attacks on John Kerry. One of the major … Continue reading

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Two Non-Binding Parties

I was interested as I read this article from Wired Magazine about the new opportunities in politics for people to define themselves outside the strictly Republican vs Democrat framework. Instead they can define themselves in contrast to a party affiliation. … Continue reading

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